I am the author of Phenopolis. My current project is Eye2Gene which aims to assist in the molecular diagnosis and improve communication of findings for inherited retinal diseases. If you wish to fund my research please get in touch! I postdoc at University College London and collaborate with various UK groups (QMUL, Oxford, Leeds and Manchester) and internationally (University of Washington, Tokyo Medical Centre). My research focuses on identifying the likely causal genetic variants in patients with rare phenotypes. A lot of my work revolves around Human Phenotype Ontology and next generation sequencing analysis methods, databases and web services. I also work part-time at Moorfields Eye Hospital as Senior Data Scientist linking and analysing genetic and clinical imaging data. Since my computer science undergrad, I have a long standing interest in machine learning and improving our quality of life through automation. I believe in open science and sharing of knowledge for the betterment of the human condition. In that spirit I have donated my genetic information and some of my clinical information to the Personal Genome Project UK, a citizen science initiative, helping people learn and understand about genetics!